Sunday, December 13, 2015

Varying a multiple

The photopolymer process is often used to create multiples.  This makes it quicker and easier to repeat a design.  If I want to be able to tell people that a certain piece is one of a kind, I need to vary each piece a little.  Often that is changing the color of a CZ or firing the piece in a different generation of clay which creates different sizes due to the shrinkage of each generation.  It may also mean varying the kinds of beads that each piece utilizes in it's final design.  These are some of the things I did with my skulls.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for outlining this whole process, Alice.

I really like the idea of starting with a slightly simpler design and adding the sheet-clay embellishments as one form of individualization.

Using one of the Silhouette cutters (Cameo / Portrait / curio) to cut those out of diy-sheet would be yet another option! (I'd lean that way myself because I could scan the base design into the software, and that way I could be sure I cut them to exactly the right size... I'm far less precise with actual scissors or knives!)