Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can't keep a Ginkgo down

A few posts back I was lamenting the fact that the Ginkgo tree along the path I walk to the studio had been trimmed.   And, all the branches (and leaves) were no longer within my reach.  (But some of the path has such low hanging branches that I have to duck to walk through there.  Can't figure out why they weren't trimmed.)

Well, you can't keep a Ginkgo tree down.  There were five little leaves breaking through where a branch had been cut off.  So I was able to get one last leaf today to use with the metal clay.

Since we were working with copper clay today, I now have a copper version of the Ginkgo for a pendant.  (At least in the greenware state.  Will wait and see what happens when it's fired.)

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